Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Always Work With Your Doctors

To stay abreast with holistic life choices and to take charge of your own health care takes responsibility.  With that responsibility sometimes takes courage, assertiveness and listening to your intuition (gut feelings). Making sure you ask your doctors as many questions as possible until you receive an actual answer in terms you understand. Maybe you will want to bring a friend with you that has no problem to advocate for you and ask questions you may not think of. It's your body, it’s your mind and it’s your spirit, you have the right to direct your health care decisions, goals and plans. Also part of that responsibility is to inform your primary care physician on what you are doing to approach illness and disease that you may be dealing with.
Having the opinions of your doctors is an important step in taking care of yourself. That includes your primary care physician, your mental health clinician, your holistic health workers, and any other health care practitioner that you may think should be aware of what your course of action is.

If you plan on approaching your diabetes with a natural diet that is geared toward diabetics rather than taking medication; then make sure you at least inform the doctors that you feel are appropriate, just encase you need their assistance or advice when things are not going as planned. All schools of medicine have a place in the healing process. If you have worked with a holistic practitioner on a common cold remedy that has worked in the past, use that remedy, but if it gets worse and is not clearing up you will also want to approach your Primary care physician to inform them and get their opinion. The key is to have everyone informed that needs to know so you are prepared for the worst possible scenario and you always have that safety net ready if needed.

If you don't have a doctor but are aware of how to take care of your health in most cases, don't hesitate to go to the emergency room if the course of action you are taking is not working. If anyone has an emergency never hesitate to go to the emergency room That is what an emergency room is for. If you are low income most hospitals have financial assistant programs to cover the cost of at least a percentage of the balance due.

Conclusion: When in doubt a course of action you have taken on a health care issue, inform the appropriate health care practitioners in your life. Work with them on solutions to get your health state back to a normal balance. At the same time speak up for yourself, ask questions and if you want a second opinion, get one. If you don't like a course of action the doctor insists you take, ask for other options, but be open to suggestions and evaluate the pros and cons. Remember it's your body, mind and spirit not theirs. Make all your doctors work for you, but listen to what they have to say, because one of their solutions could help you live a longer and healthier life.

Written by Jasper M.F. Salach

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