Friday, March 25, 2011


Self Care, Example one: Generational Knowledge.

Moving an espresso machine out of my kitchen, that I am taking to a second hand shop, the glass carafe slid out of its position and shattered into many pieces. I immediately cleaned the area of my kitchen floor where it had fallen. Thinking I had removed all the tiny shards of glass I went on my business of cutting carrots to prepare my lunch. As I moved around with confidence bare foot in my kitchen a quick and piercing pain caused me to wince. I knew just then I should have followed my sweeping with a thorough vacuum, a couple of tiny shards had escaped my vision. For awhile I finished preparing my lunch until I got tired of limping. Then I debated after fidgeting with the wound whether or not I should go to a doctor. It surely was not an emergency. I was not bleeding profusely; in fact the blood was not running at all, like a prick to the finger when you are testing your blood sugar.  With my thoughts racing I took a deep breath as the sense of urgency melted away and I realized I could take care of this matter on my own. Taking my own advice I assessed the situation and realized I had the tools to attempt a self healing technique that was passed down from generations in my family. I knew that the piece of glass was so small that my body would expel it eventually by itself, because of the miraculous healing machine that it is. On the other hand I could solve this situation immediately and then I would be able to walk on both feet right after.
So as I was taught by my mother and her mother before her I took a common sewing needle, sterilized it. I sterilized it by lighting a match to the tip of the needle and holding it in the flame until the tip turned red. I then let the needle cool down. After the needle has cooled (takes about two minutes to cool) I took the needle and applied it to the wound, slightly moving the needle around the wound. The idea is to move the skin out of the way of the piece of glass. Sometimes the act of piercing the skin directly around the wound and pulling the skin up and away will free the shard of glass. I was successful with the task and technique. After the removal I sterilized my foot with peroxide and put a Band-Aid on it. If you don't have peroxide you can use rubbing alcohol  or soap and warm water. Remember this is a small sliver of glass not a big piece where you are bleeding badly. I thank the generations in my family that has passed this technique of first aid down to me. 

Addressing the pain of this solution
Every time I would insert the needle into the wound area It hurt a little, but it was not that bad compared to walking on the piece of glass as it was tearing into my flesh. When you are inserting the needle near the piece of glass it is easy to detect where the glass is because the pain feels different. When the needle comes into contact with the glass you can feel the glass cutting into the flesh. When this happened I  would steer around that area and then pull the skin up and away with the tip of  the needle. This allows the skin to be clear of the wound and the shard of glass then to move into the middle where the small amount of blood is to be swept away by your fingers or a wet towel. If at any time you are squeamish you could have another person remove the sliver of glass. This technique can be applied to any sliver of debris (metal, wood, glass or stone).

Other Techniques I Found For
 Removing a Sliver of Glass.

How to Remove a Splinter with Baking Soda

  1. Do not apply pressure. Don't even squeeze it to try and get it out. If it's sharp, you could be embedding it further into your skin by squeezing; if it's brittle, you might break it into smaller pieces.

  2. Wash and dry the spot with soap and water. Be gentle. Pat dry (a paper towel is good for absorbing moisture without having to apply much pressure). You don't want the skin (or the splinter, if it's wood) to get soggy.
  3. Inspect it with a magnifying glass. The size of the splinter and how it's angled in your skin will help you know what's the best way to take it out. See How to Remove a Splinter for a description of other methods you may want to try first. The baking soda method described here is best for tiny, invisible splinters. The baking soda paste will cause the skin to swell and push the splinter out. It's best used after other methods, since it will make the other methods (tape, tweezer ,needle) more difficult because your skin will be swollen.
  4. Make a paste using water and about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.
  5. Put this paste on a bandage and apply the bandage to the affected area.
  6. After 24 hours, remove the bandage. The splinter may be sticking out of the skin. If it's visible, pick it off with tweezers. Rinse the skin gently (if the splinter is sticking out but not visible, this may wash it away). Repeat the method with new paste and another bandage every 24 hours until the splinter is gone.
 The Wax or Glue Technique
 -Apply a layer of hair removing wax or white glue, such as Elmer’s, to the skin. Let it dry for 5 minutes. Gently peel it off by lifting the edges of the dried wax, gel, or glue with tweezers. The splinter(s) should come up with it.

 This is a good link with great advise on multiple ways to remove splinters:
 This link Includes a more detailed step by step process using the needle as I explained above.


-Contact your doctor if you still have the splinter(s) after using self-care measures especially if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: Red lines or streaks that spread from the woun
redness, or warmth at the wound site, Pus, and/or fevor.  Also, make sure that your tetanus immunizations are up-to-date. Written by Jasper M.F. Salach

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Always Work With Your Doctors

To stay abreast with holistic life choices and to take charge of your own health care takes responsibility.  With that responsibility sometimes takes courage, assertiveness and listening to your intuition (gut feelings). Making sure you ask your doctors as many questions as possible until you receive an actual answer in terms you understand. Maybe you will want to bring a friend with you that has no problem to advocate for you and ask questions you may not think of. It's your body, it’s your mind and it’s your spirit, you have the right to direct your health care decisions, goals and plans. Also part of that responsibility is to inform your primary care physician on what you are doing to approach illness and disease that you may be dealing with.
Having the opinions of your doctors is an important step in taking care of yourself. That includes your primary care physician, your mental health clinician, your holistic health workers, and any other health care practitioner that you may think should be aware of what your course of action is.

If you plan on approaching your diabetes with a natural diet that is geared toward diabetics rather than taking medication; then make sure you at least inform the doctors that you feel are appropriate, just encase you need their assistance or advice when things are not going as planned. All schools of medicine have a place in the healing process. If you have worked with a holistic practitioner on a common cold remedy that has worked in the past, use that remedy, but if it gets worse and is not clearing up you will also want to approach your Primary care physician to inform them and get their opinion. The key is to have everyone informed that needs to know so you are prepared for the worst possible scenario and you always have that safety net ready if needed.

If you don't have a doctor but are aware of how to take care of your health in most cases, don't hesitate to go to the emergency room if the course of action you are taking is not working. If anyone has an emergency never hesitate to go to the emergency room That is what an emergency room is for. If you are low income most hospitals have financial assistant programs to cover the cost of at least a percentage of the balance due.

Conclusion: When in doubt a course of action you have taken on a health care issue, inform the appropriate health care practitioners in your life. Work with them on solutions to get your health state back to a normal balance. At the same time speak up for yourself, ask questions and if you want a second opinion, get one. If you don't like a course of action the doctor insists you take, ask for other options, but be open to suggestions and evaluate the pros and cons. Remember it's your body, mind and spirit not theirs. Make all your doctors work for you, but listen to what they have to say, because one of their solutions could help you live a longer and healthier life.

Written by Jasper M.F. Salach

Monday, March 14, 2011

Light Worker Fatigue

Light Worker Fatigue

We as light workers must remember to take care of ourselves. If we are exhausted and depleted then we are no longer a healing facilitator we are just an empty shell. In such a state we are no longer able to facilitate healing for our clients because we need to focus on healing ourselves first. Each time you attend a Reiki Healing Circle-Share check in with yourself. If you are very tired or do not feel well, do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to receive a healing treatment rather than giving a healing treatment. Get out of your own way and allow yourself to receive. If you are hungry and you have not eaten much all day. Eat something before you come to the healing circle. It’s ok to appear late. We would rather have you there and healthy then there and famished.  If you need alone time to collect yourself,  Stay home and recharge with yourself and we will look forward to seeing you at the next Reiki Healing Circle Share all nice and refreshed.

Written By Jasper M.F. Salach

A Light Workers Health Etiquette to self and others

Recently I have reestablished a Reiki healing circle/share that  had disbanded about a year prior. We meet on the second Friday of every month. The healing circle is open to all light workers and the modalities that they are skilled in.  We are open to anyone in the public that needs healing.  Though I have facilitated many therapeutic groups in the past 19 years, this in my first attempt to facilitate a Reiki healing circle.  I am honored and graced to have the opportunity to work with all our participating members. When I refer to members I am applying to anyone who walks through the doors  to participate in the Reiki healing circle-Share, weather you are a facilitator of healing or you are there to receive healing assistance.

Since the start of the first Reiki healing circle-share I have had several encounters with inquisitive spirits wanting to know more about Reiki circles and how to approach a healing circle when you have personal space or touch requirements. Then there are the many gifts that have been bestowed upon me from members who have attended our Reiki Healing circle-Shares. They have approached me with experiences that have turned into questions and suggestions.

As the facilitator I strongly feel that I am the vessel to provide the guidance and nurturing that keeps our sacred space alive and well with positive energy built from the love and light that we bring to the circle.  This position requires me to set my ego aside and only come from a place of unconditional love and acceptance, a place of the heart. So as I address these questions of great opportunity and offer only nurturing suggestions, please trust that I am only guided by  Divine Source of Universal Loving energy.

Personal Space and touch requirements:

We all have our space requirements IE: the distance that we are comfortable with when someone engages with us in communication. In a Reiki healing circle that distance obviously changes and in most cases we allow a practitioner to get very close in order for them to practice on our bodies. The key word here is allow. Everyone has a comfort zone and as practitioners it is our responsibility to respect each individual's personal energy boundaries.  We can simply do this by asking. Even in a Reiki healing circle all we have to do is come from a place of respect and whisper "may I have the honor to assist you in the healing process"?  If by chance some one says, not now or no, that is ok, What an honor for them to trust you enough to share that vulnerability of saying no.

Information sharing:

 As practitioners in the light working arena I think we are even more obligated then western doctors to provide a knowledge based environment of information giving and receiving. Compiling a hologram view of their health history gives the practitioner the foundation for a clients personal health plan. This builds the foundation to provide the client with a complete holistic view of their healing process. Engaging the client in the co-creation process of their future health goals, step by step,  supports a healthier lifestyle. Answering all of a clients questions is the right of the client, this helps them to make informed decisions about their own mind, body, spirit; furthermore answering questions fosters the sense of control that we all need to know we have over our lives. Client's questions allow us to build trust with them and provides a great teaching moment for us to learn about treating people with dignity and respect and to help clients learn about healthier ways of interacting with life.  In the case of a Reiki Healing circle a participant may not know what modality you are using and may have questions about your technique, wanting to know more about the process and why you are placing your hands in a certain way. I believe it is our duty to answer these questions.

Energy that no longer serves us

Light workers clear or remove negative energy blocks from a person’s subtle body (energy body). We as light workers are trained to clear out our negative energy and stress through energy clearing rituals. These exercises are usually done before a healing session in order to clear our own negative energy and to set aside our egos.  Sometimes energy clearing exercises are performed after a healing session if we find negative energy residue hanging around. What we perceive as negative energy is simply negative dramatic moments that are stored up to form energy tumors that block energy flow.  So, what does it implore you to do? Remove it! Clear it away! A key attribute to energy is that light is more powerful than dark.

This next Excerpt flows in well with the point I am trying to make. Excerpt from:
 “Light is active and dark is passive. Therefore, if you have a dark room and you open the door, dark does not leak out! Instead, you obtain a torch, and darkness vanishes, for it cannot exist with light there, you see? Dark has no substance for it is defined as the absence of light. Therefore, if you come upon an energy that you feel is  negative residue of inappropriateness for an area, turn on your light and it will go away! It is as simple as that. You can address it. You can say to the energy, "Drama energy be gone, for you have no more purpose. Let there be light in this place." This does not make you an exorcist! It makes you an energy worker. You are directing energy, not an entity that is evil.

It's time to expand the box that you have placed reality within. Perhaps it's time to eliminate it altogether? The perception that Human Beings created what is called the magnificence of God and the power of evil. Both are only perceptions of Human energy. Let me tell you what our perception is - that all of you, each one, carries a magnificent potential to control the energies around you and ultimately manifesting your life as you experience it. Don't be afraid of negative energy. If you come across something inappropriate, clear it up. If you come across something magnificent, claim it as your power. Then move forward to the next step. Do you hear what I'm saying? You are evolving, and it's time to have a perceptual shift, is it not? See energies as things that are part of your space and under your control.”

Reiki Circle Ritual to clean off 
leftover negative energy residue

Take a large ceramic or glass bowl. Fill the bowl up with warm water. Pour in one cup of sea salt. Bless the bowl and thank the sea salt for acting as a clearing agent to dissolve left over negative energies. Instruct the light workers of the Reiki Circle to wash their hands in the bowl after each reiki treatment that they perform (if they wish to). This will absorb any remaining energy that does not serve us. Leave by the bowl a towel for practitioners to dry there hands on after washing them in the bowl. At the end of the Reiki share have two people walk outside to discard the contents of the bowl. Only poor the contents in a moving body of water or on a pile of stones or barren sandy ground.

Energy Balancing & Protection Ritual

This is a simple method of grounding and balancing, which can be developed into a strong protection ritual before a light workers session:

Breathe in deeply, and release all tension as you exhale. Do this a few times, allowing yourself to relax as you do. If you feel tense, at this time do a full relaxation. To do this, start at the top of the head, consciously relax it, then move down to your eyebrows, eyes, etc, and at each point totally relax the area. Continue down through the throat, the lungs, heart, arms, hands, torso, abdomen, legs, feet, etc. When you feel relaxed begin to breathe any tension, etc down into the earth. As you breathe in, bring up the earth energy from deep in the centre of the earth - fiery energy. Let this energy come to rest in your heart centerNext breathe up to the sky, and as you breathe in, bring down sky energy (sun, star, cosmic, or sky) and let that fill your heart centre, mingling with the earth energy.
Let both of these energies mingle and then fill your entire body. Take your time, when your body is filled with light and energy let it expand beyond the
boundaries of your physical body, and let the light and energy fill your aura - creating  a 6 to 8" inch sphere surrounding your body.
The next step is to harden the edges of your light filled sphere shaped aura, like an egg shell, with the intention that it will act as a protective screen, filtering out any negative energy that comes toward you, but that allows all positive energy to filter in.
If you have an extreme situation, with a need for further protection, mentally place mirrors on the outside of your protective screen, around your aura. These mirrors face outwards, and reflect anything negative or harmful back into the universe, where it will dissipate harmlessly. 

A Cleansing Exercise

A cleansing exercize that can be done after a light worker has finished a session with 
leftover, negative, energy residue hanging around:  

Cleansing negative energy
First off, step into your warm relaxing shower and grab your favorite soap or body wash. Next put your imagination to work. Visualize your body covered with dirt. The dirt represents all that negative energy. As you lather up, imagine you are cleansing the dirt or negative energy away. Once you are covered from head to toe with rich lather, rinse and picture the grime slipping away. Watch the suds and negativity spiral down the drain. Now say to yourself, “ I release all negative energy in and around my body, mind and soul.” This is a nice affirmation, and confirms your intent.
Replenish positive energy
Now that your all nice and clean you will want to fill up with positive energy and seal it all in. Stand with your head under the shower and imagine the warm water is like a bright warm white light. Visualize it running through the top of your head and filling up your body with all its warmth, love and peace. Imagine it is filling your whole body, section by section. As you do this step, say to yourself, " I accept all the positive energy, love and peace to fill my body, mind and soul." This is another affirmation that shows your intent.
You have now cleansed away the negative energy and replaced it will positive energy, you will be amazed at how wonderful you feel. You are ready to face the world again, and feel revitalized. 

Remember our clothes can also hold on to our energetic residues,so its a good idea to keep them fresh and aired, do the same thing with bedding if you have had a nightmare or a restless nights sleep give all bedclothes icluding your pillows a good shake then leave them in a sunny place for an hour.


As light workers we do not want to create an environment of co-dependency, turning our clients into uninformed zombies; western medicine has already done that. We want to give our clients (back to them) control and care over their own bodies. We want to teach them how to make healthy, informed decisions about their options and ultimately provide them with the tools they need so they can  heal themselves independently with out the need to depend on anyone. However, when all else fails they can turn to their doctors, herbalists and light workers for assistance. We know we have done our job when we have taught people the skills and passed on the tools for them to heal themselves. and we as health Care professionals are no longer needed full time.

Written by Jasper M.F. Salach